Contadora Island or as it’s called in Panama, Isla Contadora, is part of the Pearl Island chain. There are over 200 islands forming the archipelago. Many are uninhabited and noted for their natural beauty and marine resources. Others, like Contadora, have become places for Panamanians and expats to escape to for a long weekend. For those lucky enough to call the island home, you will find the best beaches closest to Panama City, along with some of the best fishing in the country’s Pacific.

For decades the now-defunct Contadora Resort and Casino was an icon of tropical luxury. It had peacocks, deer, 350 rooms, attracted Hollywood celebrities, and was regarded as the most famous five-star island resort in Latin America. Today, Contadora is the island where the production crews of many countries stay for extended periods as they continue to film the Survivor TV series and documentaries on several of the nearby remote islands.

Contadora has an international flavor. It’s the kind of place you can run into and rub shoulders with people from all over the world in a nice recreational format where people like to have conversations.

Crime is very low on the islands, you’ll certainly feel safe walking around alone all hours of the day and night. You can generally speak English at the front desks of business establishments on Contadora and in the beach clubs on islands throughout Las Perlas.


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