Although you may not believe it, in Panama there are nude beaches where women and men enjoy the sea, sun and sand as they came to the world.

One of these naturist paradises is La Sueca beach, located on Contadora Island, 500 meters from the hotel of the same name. In Farallón, some Argentine and Canadian tourists have opted for the topless, that is to say, to bathe without the bra. Las Suecas Beach, is one of the five beaches of Contadora Island, and it has the title of being the only naturist beach, although it is considered an optional nudist beach, this beach is almost hidden, it is located in the Southwest of the island and can be reached on foot to enjoy this beach in the shape of two croissants, to where tourists and Panamanians who practice nudism come together to interact more closely with nature.

This nudist beach has been operating for several years. It is a place for people with formed criteria. Some Panamanians arrive, but most are foreigners, the main attendees at the nudist beach are Canadians, French and Germans.


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